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Security Airport Walk Through Metal Detector New Single Zone

Security Airport Walk Through Metal Detector New Single Zone

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  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Single Zone Detection
  • Programmable Sensitivity
  • Traffic & Alarm Counter

Product description

Single zone alarm to detect metal objects | Monitors & tracks alarms and traffic | Programmable sensitivity | Adjustable frequencies to nullify & prevent outside interference | Easy to use 3 button control panel with pass-through, alarm, and signal interference indicators | Increase mobility with optional wheels | Sets up in minutes | Pre Programming Available | Height – 87.25 in | Width – 27.75 in | Depth – 16 in | Channel Width – 27.75 | Weight – 78.25 lbs | Metal Defender Walk Through Metal Detectors are used in airports, schools, night clubs and even cruise ships around the world. BatteryJack inc. has spent years testing and manufacturing these products to what it has become today. BatteryJack inc. stand by their products and by everyone who purchases one.

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