ESD PRO Tennis-Shoes Model A-9P Black color

Antistatic Tennis, Ideal for long hours of work, comfortable design without laces. Ideal for the electronic, automotive, aerospace, food, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Footwear Intended to reduce the accumulation of static electricity, dissipating it from the body to the ground while maintaining a resistance high enough to offer the user limited protection against a possible risk of electric shock.


Black Nappa leather.

Protection: Polyamide Toes protection

Gray oxford lining.

Conductive base

Polyurethane insole with a thickness of 5 mm, anti-fatigue and conductive thread.

Matte gray antistatic sole.

Glued construction.

Adjustment: With elastic.

Gender: Unisex.

Size from 4 to 12

Certificate: NOM-113-STPS-2009. Type I, II and VII Protective Footwear.

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