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    Disposable Polyethylene Aprons (25 units X Pakage)

    Protect your clothing and your body from spills, splashes or accidents with the Polyethylene apron. It provides a protective layer over your front side of your body. The apron is designed to fit most of the people. It is disposable but allows you to replace fast and/or simple cleanup after use. This can be used in Manufacturing processes, Clean room, Cleaning process, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical and food processing, The Apron is in compliance with the FDA. Each Box contain 25 Aprons.
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    Emergency Blanket

    Quick Details
    Type:First-Aid Devices
    Model Number:CA-B01
    Instrument classification: Class I
    Product name: emergency blanket
    Material: PET/PE for emergency blanket
    Color: Gold or Silver
    Package: Individual
    Size: 52 in X 83 in (130cm X 210cm)
    Usage: keep warm and waterproof
    Feature: convenient
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    Sharps Disposal Container for 5 Quart Size with Touchless Disposal

    5 quart sharps container with dual closing handles to help you easily dispose of from biohazard waste. Great for larger volume usage situations like in a Doctors office or Clinic. Also ideal for home use where you are generating larger amounts of biohazard waste. Body Color will be FROSTED Clear.
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    Shoe Covers – (50 units per Box)

    • Non-woven
    • Elastic ankles for snug fit
    • Keeps shoes clean
    Comfortable and protective shoe covers, deliver protection during work, skid-resistant and fit up to a men's size 15. Perfect for Clean room, Hospital, Clinics, medical manufacturing, Aerospace, Automotive, food and laboratories where cleanliness is a must.