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    Universal Economy Portable Spill Kit

    Be prepared when a spill occurs! For small spills, the Economy Spill Kit, stored in a highly visible yellow bag, is a quick and easy solution. These kits absorb up to 5 gallons of liquid and are available in universal, chemical, oil-only and ReForm configurations. Product dimensions are 20 L x 16 W x 4 H (inches).

    Contents Include:

    10 pads (15 x 19 inches), 2 Socks (3 x 4 inches), 1 disposal bag, 1 pair nitrile gloves, and 1 instruction sheet.

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    Universal Super Absorbent Flake Sock, 21 gal Absorbency, 3″ Diameter x 48″ Length, Gray ( Pack of 2 units)

    • Not lint spun bond outer sleeve
    • Contains high proportion of recycled content
    • Contains proprietary super absorbent flake
    • 50 percent more absorbent than most competitor socks
    • Absorbs more and can stay on the job for longer which reduces costs